Looking for help with math?

Dr. Katie Warwick

Dr. Katie Warwick

Dr. Katie Warwick, our school system’s math content specialist, has prepared a pageful of links to help parents and families with math.

These links — for elementary, middle, and high school curriculum — offer videos and text content to provide support outside the classroom.

The elementary school links include help with Eureka Math, including tutorials, videos, homework helpers, tip sheets and curriculum roadmaps — even interactive tape diagrams like those students often use to solve math word problems.

The middle school link to the Utah Middle School Math Project has a collection of resources focusing on the Eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. The You Cubed link has many activities and articles; the parent resource page has tips and ideas to help improve your child’s mathematical achievement.

The high school link to the Math Vision Project website offers help with Ready, Set, Go! assignments on its website. Homework help is offered through online videos and print resources.

CLICK HERE to visit Dr. Warwick’s page, Math Resources for Parents & Families.